2.0 Menu Sections

The most important functions of the Administrator are on the menu bar and detailed below:


Figure 2

The options in the menu are:

Site:  Manages site related settings

Application:  Manages map related settings

Data:  Manages data

File:  Manages File

Security:  Manages Security

Help:  Placeholder for custom help pages (configured on the Site->Manage Help Links page).

Note that each main menu item is role limited. In order to select any section, an administrator must have the following roles: 

  • Site: requires the “Manage Site” role.
  • Application: requires the “Manage Application” role.
  • Data: requires the “Manage Data” role.
  • File: requires the “Manage File” role.
  • Security: requires the “Manage Security” role.

 Note that all administrator users require the “Administrator Login” role in order to log in to the FacilitiesMap Administrator Interface.

[Last updated for version 2306 (12/2012)]