How to keep the FacilitiesMap and Mapguide session from timing out while in use.

There are several places that control the session timeout when using FacilitiesMap:

1. The FacilitiesMap web.config (IIS setting)

This setting is in the FacilitiesMap folder in the web.config file.  It is by default set to 4 hours, but can be made longer if desired.
The sections that would need to be modified are <system.web><sessionState> and <system.web><authentication><forms> as seen in the picture above.  The timeout is in minutes.

This setting can also be changed through the IIS Manager by clicking on the site and selecting "Configuration Editor" (picture for IIS v7) and looking under the sections listed above.

2. IIS app pool setting

In IIS Manager, under the FacilitiesMap Application Pool, select "Advanced Settings" and under Process Model, set the Idle Time-out (minutes) to 0 (unlimited).  
(picture from IIS 7)

3. Autodesk Infrastructure Map Server Timeouts

The main timeout is the Connection Time out, found in the web based adminstrator (example url: http://domain/mapserver2013/mapadmin/serverproperties.php) on the Server Properties page in the General Properties section (screenshot below).  By default it is set to 120 seconds (2 minutes).

There is one other main timeout that is not obvious.  It is on the map web layout file (in Mapguide Studio) and called "Keep connection alive" and is a new option in Mapguide 2011 and newer.  If you create a new weblayout it is checked by default, but if you upgrade a weblayout from Mapguide 2010 or older, it is left unchecked.  This will cause your map to timeout after 20 minutes.

[Last updated for version 2306 (12/2012)]