How to back up your FacilitiesMap and map data

This article discusses what FacilitiesMap and map-related files you should back up as necessary to avoid data loss in event of, for example, hardware failure.


Assuming that FacilitiesMap is installed in, for example:


you can simply back up this entire folder.
The folder will likely contain the folders FmAdministrator (the FacilitiesMap Administrator application), FmDataFiles (contains uploaded file attachments, custom images, etc.), and FmFacilitiesMap (the FacilitiesMap Front End application).
FmAdministrator and FmFacilitiesMap will likely contain the folders _archive and Current where _archive will contain old versions of FacilitiesMap and can be omitted from the backup if desired, while Current will contain the current version and should be backed up.


The MapGuide Repository should be backed up. It can be found in, for example:

C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Autodesk Infrastructure Map Server 2013\Repositories


SQL Database

If either any of your map data (e.g. SQL Server Spatial) or report data (the data used in a FeatureSource/DataSource join) is coming from a SQL Database then you will need to back it up. Contact your Administrator for details.