How to add the Clear Selection map toolbar button

In addition to clearing the selection on the map, this command will also cause the Infobar to collapse if the Auto Expand/Collapse Infobar option is set.
IMPORTANT NOTE: the function on this page is added as a custom command button to the map toolbar. See that article for how to add such a button.
Configure the button for the target Web Layout as follows:
Under the Settings tab, enter the following (you can change these values if you wish):
    Command name: Clear Selection(s)
    Name to display in the interface: Clear Selection(s)
    Tool tip to appear on hover: Clear Selection(s) for this map
    Description to appear on the status barClear Selection(s) for this map
    URL to an image for enabled state: ../stdicons/icon_clearselect.gif
    URL to an image for disabled state: ../stdicons/icon_clearselect_disabled.gif
Under the Additional Parameters tab, enter the following under Script to invoke:
For builds 2093 or before, use parent.ClearSelection(); instead.
You may wish to remove the built-in "Clear Selection" command included in the default toolbar unless you want to also have a Clear Selection command that ignores the Auto Expand/Collapse Infobar option.
[Last updated for version 2904 (04/2013)]