How to add FacilitiesMap Plotting

Adding FacilitiesMap Plotting to your Web Layout
FacilitiesMap includes a custom plotting function that allows generation of scaled PDFs for the current map extent. In order to activate our custom plotting method, a custom command must be added to the toolbar on a per-Web Layout basis via Autodesk Infrastructure Studio.
IMPORTANT NOTE: the function on this page is added as a custom command button to the map toolbar. See that article for how to add such a button.
Configure the button for the target Web Layout as follows:
Under the Settings tab, enter the following (you can change these values if you wish):

    Command name: FM Plot
    Name to display in the interface: FM Plot
    Tool tip to appear on the hover: FM Plot
    Description to appear on the status bar: FM Plot
    URL to an image for enabled state: ../stdicons/icon_printablepage.gif
    URL to an image for disabled state: ../stdicons/icon_printablepage_disabled.gif

Under the Additional Parameters tab, enter the following under Script to invoke:


For builds 1608 or before, use parent.PrintCustom(); instead.
Note that you may want to remove the existing "Printable Page" button in the toolbar if you don't want users to have confusion about which button to use.
Refresh the page in FacilitiesMap and the new plotting function will become available. Zoom to a location on the map and press the FM Plot button. Check the following page to see the options that you will be presented with:

FacilitiesMap Plotting is accessed through the map interface. To learn more on how to use it, click here.

[Last updated for version 2306 (12/2012)]