Measuring Distance

To begin measuring, left-click on the map to draw the starting point of your first segment in your measuring polyline. Each additional left-click on the map will end the current segment and continue the polyline into a new segment. When you're done drawing your measuring polyline, click on the "Stop" button and the measuring polyline will appear on the map.
  1. Current Measuring Distance

    The current result of your measuring tool is shown here, broken down by the last segment length and total polyline length, in both Feet and Miles.

  2. Clear Button

    To clear the current measuring polyline, click on the "Clear" Button.

  3. Stop/Resume Button

    To stop measuring, click on the "Stop" button. When measuring is stopped, the "Stop" button will become the "Resume" button, which you can click if you want to resume measuring with the existing measuring polyline.

[Last updated for version 2306 (12/2012)]