Editing Single Records

This page describes editing single records. For editing multiple records, click here.

  1. Property Name

    This is the name of the property to edit.

  2. Input Field

    Once a property is unlocked, the input field allows a user to enter any changes for that given property. Similar to the Search Features panel, the input control may vary depending on the data type of the column. Note that certain properties can be marked as read only, and will not be editable.

  3. Update Features Button

    Click this button to update the selected features with any edits the user has made. Care should be taken in submitting any changes as all properties for any selected features will be updated with these values.

  4. Maximize/Restore Window

    Click this button to maximize or restore the window size.

  5. Close Window

    Click this button to close the window without submitting any changes.

[Last updated for version 2306 (12/2012)]